Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's weather sucks

Today is such a horrible day...it started last night with snow, then frozen rain and now heavy rain. The streets are so slippery and the rain has made the snow turn into a slushie all over the side walk. The corners where you cross the street are a foot deep and there is no way around except putting your foot straight in it. We waited for a bus for 20 minutes to get to hospital, only for it to be so full that they would not let any more passengers on. So we tried to hail a cab, but everyone that went by was taken. After another 20 minutes finally we got on the bus. We were an hour late for hospital but what can you do. Ok so I have vented my miserable morning, now for some good news. Dylan's scans from last week show stable to mildly decreased MIBG avidity of numerous skeletal metastases. Basically he continues to be stable...no new lesions identified. He continues on the IMC-A12 weekly and we wait for the humanized version of the 3F8 which rumor has will be released in the next few months. Dylan is still very tired, gets aches and pains in his legs and is a little moody, but apart from that he is doing well.