Saturday, January 1, 2011

500 Journal Enteries for the New Year!

Happy New Year! Wow 500 entries on the 1/1/11 ~ didn't even plan that LOL! Today was a special Day for Dylan. Most people do not know that Dylan is a huge fan of a Youtube blogger named Charles Trippy ~ in fact most people do not know who Charles Trippy is ~ but Dylan does! Dylan has watched every single video he has made, I believe he is up to day 611. He lives in Florida with his lady Ali, who Dylan also loves. Anyway, Charles Trippy and Ali came to NYC for the New Year and posted on his facebook that he is inviting fans for a snowball fight in Central Park New Years Day. All I have heard is Charles Trippy this and Charles Trippy that for over a year now, so I knew how important this was to Dylan...they are his Cyber friends! The day started early, Dylan and Bear came to work with me...after some off leash time at Central Park for Bear (its off leash before 9am) then we worked until it was time to get to meet Charles Trippy...thanks to my co-worker for letting me leave work early, your the best :) Actually I think he was sick of hearing about Charles Trippy and was glad when we left LOL. We met at Columbus Circle and I was surprised at the huge crowd, I was also surprised at how many kids Dylan's age were fans. Dylan met a boy the same age and gave him his email address, so hopefully he will talk Charles Trippy to him now and not me so much! Dylan in true style, forced his way through the crowd, me in toe with Bear and camera. First he got a photo and autograph with Ali and once we got to the park and after the massive snowball fight, we snagged a photo and autograph with Charles Trippy! Dylan said it was the best day of his life and that his life is now complete! He was more excited over him than Angelina Jolie! When we got home, Dylan went to sleep at 5:30 and Bear joined him, they were exhausted from battling through the snowy hills of Central Park. I have added a new album to the gallery called "New York Adventures 2011, so it's easier to find the latest pics. I am also still adding old photos since the last album crashed so bare with me for the rest. Here is the link CLICK