Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas...Almost

Christmas went smoothly for us. Tim and I worked through most of it, but I was lucky enough to have Christmas off and I will work New Year's day instead. We had our Christmas family dinner on the 20th because it was the only time Tim would be up and ready for dinner. Working nights means that when he wakes in the early evening, the last thing he wants to do before work is have a big meal. I cooked a turkey and Ham and we sat at the table doing the usual Hartung tradition of popping Bon Bon's and wearing the silly paper hats! It was a challenge to find Bon Bon's in New York, but I found some that were imported from England for a reasonable price. Christmas eve we joined the New York Aussie's at "The Australian" Bar and enjoyed an awesome Aussie dinner, thanks to Matt...the boys ate Kangaroo...but I refused to...I love Kangaroos too much! Christmas day we spent with Jennie, Alyssa, Sophie, Steve, Amaris, Ada & Papa in Brooklyn. As usual Jennie cooked up a storm and we had a great feast. The boys were thrilled to bits with their gifts, thank you to everyone who sent them presents, we truly appreciated it. The day after Christmas was our first New York dumping of snow, a blizzard in fact. At about 8pm it was in full force and we ventured out with bear bouncing around like a kid. For the first time I heard thunder and saw lightening during a snow storm and the snow was almost completely horizontal as it fell from the sky. I wanted to take photos but I didn't want the camera to get ruined, so here's a photo the next day of 78th Street. Click on the Photo to make it larger. I am recovering from a horrible cold, so I didn't get to Central Park yet, but no doubt there will be more opportunities for snow photos in the coming weeks. Dylan continues stable on the IMC-A12 study each week. He is feeling good except for the fatigue, and is enjoying his home schooling with Susan. Dylan was very excited with the news of another "God Sister" if that's even a term...His God parents Grant & Cheryl had a beautiful baby girl who they named Sia, we can't wait until the day we get to see her and her sister Ava, who all live in Sydney now. We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas as well as a happy New Year.