Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dylan's Drumming Debut

Dylan played the drums for an audience for the first time ever this evening at the Ronald McDonald House. We all attended the "Light a Light! Share a Night!" event and both Cain and Dylan played along with the New York Pops for those who came along. Dylan was very nervous but did great. He suffers from fatigue so he found keeping up a struggle, but he soldiered through after a long day at hospital today. Cain of course did wonderful as always. I know that Dylan's uncle and grandfather would be very proud of him playing the drums, as they too are great percussionists. Seems our family is very musically orientated, however I didn't get those genes and have not a single musical bone in my body, so I am very happy that both my boys have found the magic of music in their lives. It did bring tears to my eyes watching them both at the same time, that is what was so very special about tonight. Thank you to the Ronald McDonald House and the New York Pops for everything they do to encourage and give the gift of music to both of their lives. I am still sorting through photos to add to Dylan's photo page and will let you know when it is complete, but for now here is Dylan at the drum kit this evening.