Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer break

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in update, I am taking a well deserved summer website break ;)

Dylan is doing great, the last scans showed a stable result (no change) so that is fantastic! Dylan went to Happiness is camping in New Jersey for a week and had an awesome time, although he missed us terribly and is having second thoughts about returning for another week at the end of the month. After we dropped him off, Tim, Cain and I saw a huge bear crossing the road and when we picked up Dylan he told us not only did he see a bear while on a walking trail, but he saw a mommy bear with her cubs! He also saw wild deer and spent hours swimming in the pool. Right now he is happy to spend as much time as possible playing video games, he felt deprived at camp! Dylan will start school again in September, we all decided that he should repeat the 4th grade again as he missed so much school last year, and Dylan totally agreed as he wanted to stay with his teacher that he knows and feels like he struggled with the school work. As you can see by the photos, Dylan has had many old friends on their 6 monthly check ups arrive at RMDH including Stavros from Greece and Adam from Ireland, both of who are doing wonderful. Dylan's best friend, Joseph is also here for an extended period undergoing treatment, we pray he continues to do well and builds up his strength after his transplant. Kelly is also here having a hip replacement. Cain is doing his usual greatness too, he is bored with being on summer break, but would not swap it for school! He graduated Middle School as you can see by the photos, it's great in America with the whole cap and gown's not a usual sight for Australians. So in September Cain starts High School in NYC. Cain also has his scholarship for music camp in a few weeks, and will stay for 2 weeks continuing his bass guitar ambitions. It's been busy here, my brother visited for a while, Dylan's Godfather flew in from Australia on bussiness and Bronte Kelly was here with her entire family from Australia while she continued her surgeries in New York. Isaiah has returned home to Australia after a very successful treatment for Retinoblastoma. Cain and the band "Bad Habit" performed for the RMDH and did another recording at a studio, and Tim made a great appreciation award for the "New York Pops" for the time they volunteer to enrich these kids lives by teaching them to play music. We also attended the "Imagine" fund raiser for the RMDH, 4th July fireworks by the Hudson River and MSKCC's prom. Please keep Morgan, Megan, Joseph, Hugo, Sam and Mason in your prayers as they, like many, continue intense treatments for Neuroblastoma, to either get them in a stable or in an NED state.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, your guest book messages, cards, calls, letters and emails...I am still amazed to this day and the love from those we have never even met and the kindness of those who follow our journey.