Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest Scans

Dylan had his work up scans done yesterday and Thursday. Dylan had complained of pain on his right side of his stomach, so after examination, it was around the gall bladder area. Special attention was taken to his CT scan of the area and it appears that Dylan now has an inflamed colon. Not surprising as he has had diarrhea for most of the past 5 years. The team said that if it became worse he could end up in hospital on TPN and IV antibiotics for weeks. Dylan has been on a clinical trial with an oral drug called Perifosine, and one of the side effects is diarrhea, so we have ceased this trial and meet with Dr Becher on Monday. Dylan's diet must be altered and I want to discuss if he would benefit from pro-biotics or some other natural thing to assist in it's healing. Options of "what's next" will also have to be explored once again. No news on the MIBG results or Bone Marrow biopsies but I assume he remains stable. Dr Modak is away on vacation, but when he returns we will attempt the stem cell harvest.

Cain had an amazing time at music camp, he was there 2 weeks and learnt an abundance of music knowledge. Dylan met Paula Abdul a few weeks ago, and has spent time playing with Justin, John, Skyler and Zach, who all came in for their work up's.

Please pray for Owen and Eric, they are both dear to our hearts, battling this monster for many many years, Owen needed a miracle yesterday and Eric needs one today, please find a cure, please stop this heartache!