Monday, June 1, 2009

Long overdue update

Wow, it feels like a long time since I updated. We have been doing lots of things. We were fortunate enough that Jack's parents came to the RMDH for a few days before they returned home to England. They had a lovely evening in Central Park, of which many parents, staff and volunteers played baseball in honor of Jack and then his brother Connor and Sister Rhian released white balloons. Each person wrote a message to Jack on the balloons, Dylan wrote about the 24 hour Dylan's Candy bar that is in heaven and that he wants Jack to hook him up with a special discount by the time Dylan gets to heaven (when he's an old man!). A few weeks ago Dylan and the other kids from "Kids Kicking Cancer" performed a demonstration for actor Christian Bale (AKA Batman and John Connor), later that night Cain was in the spot light, performing at the RMDH annual Gala at the Waldorf Astoria. The band was an enormous hit, playing 2 songs for the crowd, including Tommy Hilfiger amongst many other important guests. We also attended the Kids Cancer walk in Central Park a few weeks ago, it was great to see many familiar faces and even Dylan's doctors and nurses came along. Click HERE for photos. We also participated in the Kids Cancer Walk in Central Park, joining many other familiar familes, doctors and nurses. But by far the most exciting thing that's happened since I last updated, it that Dylan's Uncle Rick has come to visit us from Australia! So we are happily showing him around NYC, we even managed to see the fire works last night for the birthday celebration of the Queensbro Bridge. The hospital Prom is on Wednesday so Dylan is taking Megan as his date, he must really like Megan as this will be the first Hospital Prom he has agreed to go to! Dylan's next scans will start on the 19th June.