Thursday, January 8, 2009

All our love to the Reid family

Devin is now in heaven, my heart is once again crushed. Devin was a brave fighter. Initially he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma (Muscle cancer) in October 2005, when we very first met the Reid family. Devin defied the odds and became NED, he then relapsed in his brain, doctors feared the worse, but he again defied the odds. Then another hit, this time with Leukemia! After a failed bone marrow transplant from his sisters donated marrow, Devin join the other angels due to an infection at age 19. Devin was very well known for his amazing sense of humor, as you can tell by the photo a few entries below from the photo of his sisters wedding. We went on many RMDH outings with the Reid family and we knew them very well. Dylan called Devin "Mr Sueek" because he would make this squeeking sound from his hands when ever he saw ylan, to make him laugh. We love you Devin, we will never forget you, and we are so honored to have known you. The RMDH will be holding a memorial service this evening which we will attend.