Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

We had a fantastic Christmas, thank you to everyone who helped us out, things were certainly tough financially this season. The morning was spent opening gifts and then at lunch time we went to Queens to spend the day with Jennie and Alyssa. We made Ginger bread houses, played guitar hero and Jennie's sister, Sophie, even dressed up as Santa and gave the kids a real surprise! Nana is having fun, we took her to see the Rockafella tree and on the way she even met Elmo! There has been no more snow, actually the weather has been really nice, but it's still cold. Cain was over the moon with his acoustic bass that he has been wanting for several months and Dylan was also very happy with the presents he got too. The RMDH was great with supplying us with gifts for the kids, they are so good to us. Lynn is doing better, although the whole Maynard family is fighting a virus right now, so we will visit them later in the week after they have recovered. Dylan is scheduled to go to Vermont on 14th - 16th for a consultation and work up, our decision on treatment will be based on what we learn in consultation with Dr Sholler and when we weigh up the pros and cons of the 3 options we have at this stage. Dylan's friend Joseph is doing better, we are extremley relieved by that news, we love him so much. We are having some visa extension issues, at this point more documentation is being asked for by homeland security, but I still feel sick in the knowledge that if it is not approved we may have an uphill fight on our hands, just to keep Dylan in New York to continue treatment options. Anyway, I am trying to keep that thought blocked and just focusing on the "right now" information they are asking for before they make a decsion, but at the same time I will be seeking advice from immigration lawyers.