Monday, December 1, 2008

Dylan in hospital

On Sunday night, Dylan developed a fever and we took him to Urgent Care at MSKCC. His ANC had dropped to 0.1 and his fever went up to 39. Dylan was of course admitted, and he is on 3 IV antibiotics and GCSF. I saw Dr Modak this morning who told me that the Thalidamide must be making him neutropenic and they will half his dose for the future. If his counts do not rise by mid week then a bone marrow biopsy will be necessary. The other issue is his medi port. As you may remember on last admission we had issues with it, as he has grown and it has shifted. Last night after attempts by 3 different nurses, he ended up with a peripheral IV line in his arm. All this of course puts a spanner in the works for the scheduled Vermont consultation on Wednesday, this will have to be postponed for now.