Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad Habit's debut

Dylan is doing ok, he is still in the hospital and probably will be throughout the upcoming weekend. His neutrophils (ANC) were 0.1 on admission and this morning they have dropped even lower to 0.0. so no getting discharged anytime soon :( His medi port is still not working and he continues to have a cough. This morning he was sent down for a chest x-ray so we missed the morning rounds with the doctors. I am assuming that they will remove his medi port tomorrow, and do the bone marrow aspiration then also. He is well in spirits, just a little bored and upset about having the IV in his hand. Dr Modak said that the Thalidamide is the reason for the neutropenia and he has ceased it for the time being. I still do not have a new date for Vermont, but I have notified them of the situation and hopefully it can be rescheduled soon.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful and sweet husband today. Unfortunately we cannot be together as one of us needs to be in the hospital with Dylan.

Cain had his band debut last night at RMDH. The New York Pops have been working with the house kids for a few months now and they finally had their moment of fame. Cain was so excited. First they performed in the playroom as a warm up and for Cain's school friends and later in the evening they performed during the Christmas house party for all the families. I have put them on youtube, see below and added some photos to the gallery. In a few weeks they are going to a recording studio and in February they will perform at Carnegie Hall. The band is called "Bad Habit". Cain loves his bass so much, her name is Justine, after it's previous owner "Justin" who passed away from Neuroblastoma at the age of 17. Well done to Cain and Justine and all the band members who did so well. "I'm a Rockstar" was written by Cain and Charlie. Thank you to the New York Pops who continue to work with the kids.

see Dylan Youtube channel to view "Bad Habit" playing, click HERE