Thursday, December 11, 2008

Medi Port is out

Dylan is doing just fine. His ANC jumped from 0 to 0.4 on Friday and they let us out!!! His port removal and bone marrows were canceled due to a busy operating schedule, so Dylan had it done yesterday. All went well, he is very sore where the port was removed but I think the days off school make up for the discomfort in his mind LOL. A new medi port will not be put in unless Dylan requires intense treatment again (if he starts to progress) Today I meet with the team to discuss the "what next" in treatment options. Dylan was taken off the Thalidamide and Celebrex treatment due to his second neutropenia in the 8 months of therapy. We still have not re-scheduled Vermont, but hopefully after the holiday season we can resume with that plan. Not long to Christmas now, it's almost scary at how fast it comes around these days. I am back into the Vet nursing field that I use to love, I am volunteering at the ASPCA and after completeing all the orientations, I am now scheduled to work in the Veterinary clinic on a regular basis! Of course this is all around Dylan's schedule with clinic and treatments but for the most part it will give me something to do when he is in school, a semi normal life is always a good thing. Please keep Alyssa in your prayers, yes she is going in for yet another brain surgery today. Now for the big news, thanks to the Kelly family, the boy's nana (grandmother) has a ticket to come and spend Christmas with us in New York. It will be our first Christmas together in 3 years! We are so excited and so very grateful to everyone who helped the Kelly family in making this happen. Nana will arrive late next week. We were keeping it as a surprise for the boys but Dylan over heard my phone conversation, and well, lets just say the cat was let out of the bag and he figured it out. Cain and the whole RMDH band was very happy with their trip to the recording studio last night. They recorded their two songs professionally and will have a CD soon!