Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dylan Meets the Pope

Here is what aired in Australia on channel Seven last night, click HERE

It was an amazing experience yesterday, meeting the pope. We left RMDH at 12:30pm, escorted by our good friend NYPD officer Brendan. The traffic was crazy once we hit Yonkers and we waited in line for entrance into the closed off streets. Once we got to the gate of St Josephs, we all had to get out of the NYPD van while the secret service swept for bombs etc, using a very scary looking German Shepherd from the K9 unit. Brendan had to even give his fire arm into the secret service before he entered the church. Once inside we waited almost 2 hours before the Pope made his appearance. The church was set up really well, with all 50 children facing the aisle to be personally blessed by the Pope. After the mass, the Secret Service would not allow anyone to leave the chapel until the Pope was settled in his next location, so after almost another hour we headed back to the NYPD van to return to RMDH. We had to hurry back because the roads were preparing for closure for the Pope to return to 72nd street where he was staying, yes we arer on 73rd Street, so not far from RMDH at all. Once back, channel seven did a short interview with us and the Herald Sun did a phone interview with us. Then just after 8pm, the best thing of all happened! The Pope requested to see ALL of the RMDH kids. Suddenly 6 NYPD vans and a MTA bus that the NYPD had taken over, turned up to the house, lights and sirens blazing. All the children that could be found and their families piled in and were whisked away faster than we knew what was happening. Dylan and I elected to stay behind, after all we had our blessing already. On the return of the families, their were smiles, photos and tears, as they shared their experience of the Pope blessing each child, making the sign of the cross on their heads and cupping the children's faces in his hands. I was overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn't help during the entire ceremony that we attended, to think of all the other deserving kids at RMDH, so I made a conscious effort to have them in my thoughts as we attended the mass. Then the powers that be, made it happen that they all got blessed! The feeling I had during our meeting is hard to describe, I guess in his presence you are over come with a sense of peace and calmness, that's the best way I can describe the experience, overall a very uplifting spiritual experience. Photos I took can be viewed HERE

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