Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scan results are in

Well the media has gone a little crazy to say the least. I now know why Dylan was one of the children chosen because they certainly needed a child who was not camera shy LOL. We have done many interviews this week for local New York news. Fox 5, Telemundo, Univison, NBC and CBS. Not all are found online but I did find the one on CBS click HERE and Fox 5 Click HERE. Today we are doing a live broadcast to Australia on Sunrise Channel 7 at 6am (Australian Time) and we should also be on Saturday nights channel 7 news in Australia. I also believe there should be something in the Herald Sun news paper in Australia too this week as I did a phone interview with them, but they are hoping I will be allowed to take in my camera when we meet the pope for a printable photo. I know by watching the news here that the security is extremely high with secret service everywhere, so I am assuming that taking in your camera to the mass will be prohibited. Dylan is so great when it comes to interviews, one crew thanked Dylan for his time and he replied “That’s ok, all in a day’s work!” He is so funny. I don’t mind the interviews, at least it brings some awareness to childhood cancer and any publicity on that topic is good publicity in my opinion, although I hate seeing myself on the TV. Dylan had clinic yesterday and his platelets are fantastic at 125. The CT and MIBG scans showed stable avid metastatic disease…meaning no change, so that’s great, the Bone Marrow, HAMA and Urine tests results were still not back yet. I am concerned about the wording on the MIBG scan report though, it says:

New focus of MIBG activity seen on the whole body scan in the right anterior flank area and lower midline pelvis, on SPECT/CT scan correspond to excreted activity in the bowel loops. Previously described multiple foci of abnormal MIBG accumulation in thoracolumbar and sacral spine, bilateral pelvis and femora appear unchanged, consistant with stable MIBG-avid disease.

Normal tracer distribution is visualized in the salivary glands, nasopharynx, myocardium, liver, bowel and urinary bladder.

Impression: Since December 2007
1. Stable MIBG-avid metastatic disease.
2. No new foci of abormal MIBG-avid tissue.

Well I guess that means stable, just that I don't like the word "New focus of MIBG activity" Sounds awful. Maybe it means the new focus is normal? I should have read the results in the consultation room to ask what it meant.

Dylan has the all clear the attempt a stem cell harvest and the GCSF will start next week in preparation for that. The Thalidamide and Celebrex prescriptions are in today for him to start as well, we just need confirmation from the team whether we start that now or after the stem cell harvest attempt.