Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter was great

We had a fantastic time in Cape Cod. After traveling by train to Providence Rhode Island, we met up with Ellen and then she drove us to her home in Cape Cod which was about 1-2 hours away. The boys enjoyed fresh air everyday and played with Ellen’s four wonderful children. We spent a day at the beach collecting shells and rocks, climbing sand dunes and flying the kite. You can drive on the beach after letting down your tyres, it was lots of fun. It was cold, but it was also great to be almost the only souls on the beach. In between the sand dunes it was out of the wind and actually with the sun beaming down on us it was warm. The rest of the time we spent roaming around their yard, in the woods and cooking marshmallows by the fire. You can view more photos HERE in Dylan’s most recently added. I spent an afternoon cleaning Ellen’s playroom and throwing out the old baby toys that she found so hard to let go of, sometimes it easier to let someone else to do it so you actually get rid of them. Tim spent time in the garden spreading out wood chips where the children played to minimize the mud, and make their play area more child friendly. Ellen cooked a wonderful Ham for Easter and of course the Easter bunny came to visit too. We had an Easter egg hunt and colored some boiled eggs. The most important thing though was the fact that spending time with this loving family, helped me to re-focus on never feeling sorry for myself. Ellen is a widow and has raised these four kids on her own, triplets at that! They are the most wonderful and well behaved kids I have met in a long time, HERE is their website. The past week has been great, we have had lots of families come to the RMDH that we have not seen in a while. Stavros from Greece returned for his first check up since leaving New York, all is fine and Dylan was over the moon to see him again. Then Adam came from Ireland for his check up, again Dylan and Cain had so much fun playing with them. Now Joseph from Texas is also here for his scans, and of course, Dylan is very happy about having his best friend back. Cain is doing great, he picked up his grade average at school and he is very proud of himself, and of course he is still loving playing the bass guitar. What else has happened lately that I forgot to mention? Dylan’s god parents Grant and Cheryl returned home to Australia after living here in New York for a year. They returned to have their baby, we are so happy for them. We will see them again I am sure. The boys miss them and their pets Wini and Cleo already! Chris and Justine should be about to have their baby soon too, they moved from New York to China, we miss them terribly too, but we have had the chance to see them on their visits back to the U.S. Please keep Justin in your prayers, when we returned we learned of their terrible news and pray that they will have the strength to get past this phase of the journey. Please also keep Austin in your prayers and the countless others fighting this monster.