Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Perils of NYC

Dylan had a great time this evening helping out the Saturday night volunteers serve dinner. Cain spent the day with his friend playing at the park and then hanging out at his friend’s house playing wii. Cain is doing great, he had his state exams and even though he was a little nervous he said that he thinks he did great. Cain is certainly a teenager now, it’s all about girls and rock n’ roll!!! Cain wants to learn the drums, which would be fine if we were at home because both my father and brother are drummers, so they could teach him in no time. But here not only do we have a space issue but also a noise issue. So instead Cain has decided to get Tim to teach him the bass guitar. Tim was a bass player in his younger day, and since he has been in New York, has started to pick it up again. Cain can already play the famous “Smoke on the Water” riff. Thankfully though Cain still wants to be a police Officer so no fear of him running away to join a rock band yet. Easter will be fun, we are traveling by train to visit fellow Neuroblastoma warrior Sean and his family in Cape Cod. We will spent the weekend there and enjoy the time walking through the woods looking for chipmunks and hopefully the weather will also permit a trip to look at the beach. We have known the Hansen family a very long time now and they have invited us to visit on many occasions, so finally we will make the trip. The RMDH is fantastic but these four walls have been closing in lately during the cold winter and it’s time for a break away. Another tragedy has struck NYC today, a construction crane came tumbling down this afternoon killing and injuring people. It took out a whole brownstone building! New York City (Manhattan) certainly has it’s perils…since we have been here we have seen a plane crash into a building, click HERE a steam pipe exploded and destroyed the road, click HERE and now a crane fall and demolish an entire building, click HERE. Well, not much else to report, I should have some nice photos from Cape Cod to put on the website next week. Thank you to everyone for signing Dylan’s guest book and continuing to support Dylan’s fight for life, please continue to pray for all our cancer fighters, many can be visited via the “Children of the House” link HERE.