Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Journal

Just a quick update, welcome to the new journal or blogspot! I have had issues with clearblogs so now I have started up with blogger in the hope it will resolve page loading issues and the issues other people have had when accessing Dylan's journal. I am still in the middle of transferring all the past entries, so bare with's a big job! For those who preferred the other journal and experienced no issues, you can still access the old journal and I will keep it up to date along with this one. Here is the link, please make a shortcut to it if you want to still read the old site as Dylan's journal link will only direct you to this blogger in the future.

The old journal link is:

Or click HERE to access the old journal

All is well with us, Cain got sick again with another cold, but is now recovering. He had this week off school for the winter break and was not happy to be nursing a cold the whole time off. Dylan is well, his only complaint right now is a lack of Australia BBQ sauce in New York! He had one bottle of his favorite "Masterfoods" BBQ sauce left but just as he was about to open it I realized the expiry date was 2006! He was devastated, and said he is not eating any meat again without his sauce! It doesn't matter how long you are away from Australia, food seems to be the most thing that people miss when they travel or live overseas.