Friday, February 22, 2008

Two more angels in heaven

Two Neuroblastoma warriors gained their angel wings earlier this week. On Monday our sweet Harrison passed. Harrison and his family were good friends with us and he was an inspiration to me in many ways. People at RMDH did not know Harrison, he never stayed here, but most families who are treated at MSKCC know him. Harrison, like Dylan remained with stable disease for 5 years, from memory he only became NED (No evidence of disease) for a few months close to his 5th year, before relapsing into fast progression. Harrison fought hard for 6 years. This has returned many fears in my heart for Dylan, who is approaching his 4th year of stable disease. I know Dylan could be the “one” could be the one who beats this horrible monster, the one who stays stable for 20 years, but this fear just lingers like a dark cloud over my son’s life, I hate it. On Tuesday we lost Eden, I didn’t know the family well but they stayed here at RMDH on a regular basis. My heart goes out to these families, as it does so many times. I say "we" when referring to loosing these kids because "we" are all part of this Neuroblastoma family, this army of warriors battling this disease.

It snowed here today, it was nice to wake up to. Cain is feeling much better and Dylan is also feeling great. We toyed with the idea of venturing out to Central Park to take “snow” photos, but the idea of traveling that far in the cold got the better of us, so instead I took a few snaps locally.