Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally well

Dylan is finally better. We all ended up being sick which is why I have not updated for a while. Dylan certainly got it the worst out of all of us, poor baby. He is better now but he is very affectionate over the past few days and it may seem strange but that worries me. Dylan is of course a loving child and cuddles me a lot but it’s been over the top in the last few days, wanting to snuggle with me and being all sulky. Why does that worry me, well usually when he gets sick he becomes that way, like a lot of people and children, so now that he is better and he is acting that way, it worries me that something else might be wrong. Maybe I am just paranoid, maybe I am just waiting for the cancer to start to progress. Anyway, we have a PET scan tomorrow, the results of that will be interesting, apparently that will show if the disease is alive or dead. Not sure what that means really, I don’t understand how it can be dead if his HVA and VMA urine markers are still elevated, I will ask the doctors at the next consultation. We finally got some snow yesterday, it came hard and fast, almost horizontal, the wind was that fierce. It was short lived though, no snow stuck to the ground and today you would not even know it snowed, the sun is out and it’s below 0. More snow is expected tomorrow, but I will believe it when I see it. Cain is doing great at school, he is very happy and totally settled in now. The state exams for Math is coming up in March, I am sure he will do well. I had the opportunity to meet up with Fellow Aussies here in New York for medical treatment for their daughter Bronte, you can visit Bronte HERE We really hit it off well and bonded instantly, we are one of the same, both passionate about our children and doing everything humanly possible to get them well even if it means traveling to the other side of the planet. Like us, Bronte gets no goverment funding and is totally reliant on fundraising for her treatment. Bronte is gorgeous, she has a beautiful smile, full of beans like any other toddler and she even said my name with the cutest little baby voice! We will catch up with them again later in the week after Bronte has her surgery, and we pray for her complete recovery.