Sunday, January 6, 2008

Children of the House

I have created a new webpage called "Children of the House". I made this webpage for all the Ronald McDonald House families who have ever stayed at RMDH in NYC. The purpose of the site is so that families who have met other children at the house can still follow their stories and stay in contact. There are a few Neuroblastoma home pages that list many sites of Neuroblastoma children but at RMDH there are also many children with other cancers and conditions and sometimes their websites can be hard to find, so this will make things a little easier. I am still in the process of gaining permission from families to add them to the page, and I will add children as the replies come through. If I missed you and you would like to be added please also let me know. I have called the page "The children of the House" because although the page is for RMDH of NYC children, the page is not endorsed or affiliated with the RMDH. The page can be viewed HERE and for future reference can be located in Dylan's Links. I hope that families find this a useful resource and I thank all those who have already supported the launching of this page and agreed to participate.