Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 is here

Happy New Year to everyone and Thank you for all your comments, emails and Christmas cards over the holiday season. Thank you for all the support over 2007 and I hope that we will continue to have your support through 2008 and beyond. Since Dylan was diagnosed, every New Years I get depressed, I hear in my head, is this the year that I will loose Dylan? But for some unknown reason this New Year’s was different, something in my heart made me happy, this New Year instead of that phrase going through my head I had a new phrase, this year is the year for a miracle! I don’t know why, maybe it’s because there are new clinical trials on the horizon, maybe because Dylan is still stable and looking so well or maybe it really is the year we get a miracle. We spent Christmas day with other orphan Australians LOL. We had lunch with the Maynards and with our good Aussie friend Skye. I really didn’t take many photos for some reason, so I don’t have any good ones to share but I have added photos we took of Dylan at the Rangers game on 23rd December. Dylan was invited to the game at Madison Square Garden to ride the Zamboni (Ice machine thingy). Dylan loved it, waved to the crowd then hung out with the refs and met up with Ottawa hockey player Chris Neil, who signed and gave Dylan his hockey stick after the game! Dylan has a CT scan scheduled for Monday, I also hope to catch up with the team to see if there is a date for the vaccine therapy yet. The good news is that the humanizing of the 3F8 looks like rapidly going ahead in 2008, with Band of Parents continuing to raise awareness and an enormous amount of funds and I also believe a pharmaceutical company is taking on the project. Anyway, not much else to report on except the weather here is freezing! No snow recently but I bet it’s around the corner and we will get a dumping soon.