Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dylan starts Karate again

Wow, the response to the “Children of the House” page has been wonderful, thank you to all the families who agreed to participate and requested to be added. Actually I had nobody deny the request so I was very flattered that everyone liked the idea. We have all been fine, Dylan started Karate lessons at the RMDH every Friday and he loves it, I have added photos HERE. Cain has been sitting State exams for the past two days, so far he feels he did ok, but understandably he was anxious about it. We were expecting snow, but it never came, just a few flurries, nothing to get excited about. Oddly enough the sky is blue and the sun is out! Dylan saw the dentist at MSKCC on Monday, and he needs to return next Thursday for a 2 hours session to have two cavities filled. They are also discussing the possibility of caps to fix up the damage done to the enamel on his teeth by the chemo. No official results from the CT scan yet, but I assume it was again stable as I know they would have called if anything less desirable showed up. We spent the weekend visiting with Jennie and Alyssa, they lived here at RMDH for 3 ½ years but now have an apartment in Queens. The adjustment to change has been hard for the both of them, but also for me, Jennie and I are very close friends and we have built a very strong “cancer mom” bond like no other. Change, it’s a very hard thing, whether it’s for better or worse, most people don’t like it. On the 26th of this month it will mark exactly 3 years since we arrived to New York, 3 ½ years since Dylan was diagnosed and it is also Australia day! We will celebrate with other Australians at a well known "Aussie" hang out in NYC, with a BBQ and Cricket. Well it’s almost time for Dylan to see his teacher, so I better get him moving.