Sunday, December 2, 2007

YAY it's snowing...Dylan gets shingles...AGAIN!!!

We woke to the beauty of the city covered in a white blanket of snow, the first real snow falling for this winter. It was a nice start to the day and put a smile to all our faces. Then Dylan said his back was itchy and low and behold, shingles again! In almost the very same spot as before, and even though he is on a prophylactic dose of Acyclovir twice a day, he still broke out with it for some unknown reason. A trip to urgent care, up the dose of Acyclovir from 600mg daily to 1600mg daily and yes of course isolation from RMDH which has throw a spanner in the works for plans this week for various activities. Tim will go to Long Island with Dylan tomorrow afternoon and spend the week, I will stay at a friends apartment here in the city with Dylan as he has an appointment tomorrow to make sure it has not gotten any worse. I have to remain in the city so that Cain can go to school each day. Hopefully they will crust over in a week and he can return back to RMDH. Tim and I just looked at each other and said why do we keep getting separated? Oh well absence makes the heart grow stronger, at least we are all in the same country now. If the shingles get worse then Dylan will have to be admitted on I.V antibiotics, so I am hoping they remain the same or get better by tomorrow so he can continue on the oral dose. Dylan's scans will need to be re-scheduled until the following week now, but at least he has had no pain since his visit to clinic Thursday.