Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short Update

I’m exhausted, just a quick up date, Dylan was admitted into hospital at 5:30am this morning with a fever of 40.1. He had both a blood and platelet transfusion earlier that day and his ANC was 4.4 (which is fairly good) but by the time he was admitted his ANC had dropped to 0.6 despite that he has been on GCSF since Friday! I juggled between the boys, getting Dylan cared for and organizing Cain to get to Long Island to stay, until we are discharged. Dylan slept most of the day and is on 3 types of antibiotics. He woke at about 3pm today and made a huge improvement. His fever is controlled by Tylenol at this stage. I briefly saw Dr Kushner on the pediatric floor and asked him what Dylan’s HAMA test result was and he told me that Dylan is still HAMA positive and that Dr Modak will speak to me in more detail in the morning. So the 2nd round of hot 3F8 is officially at a stand still until Dylan gets rid of his HAMA. I am not sure if he will be disqualified from the trial altogether, I will have to see what Dr Modak says tomorrow for a future plan. The MIBG scan results done on Saturday show Dylan is still stable with a slight decrease of disease in his rib. All the other tests and scans came back as unchanged, meaning his is still stable.