Friday, November 30, 2007

Clinic visit

Dylan had clinic yesterday. They drew blood for a HAMA test which should reveal results next week. Dylan complained of a stomach cramp and leg pain on Wednesday night and Thursday morning he refused to walk to clinic due to leg pain. This concerned me very much. During his consultation, the nurse practioner established that it was actually hip/pelvis pain. Dylan has the majority of disease in this area so alarms bells have gone off. They have re-scheduled Dylan’s scans that were due in January to next Thursday and a urine collection early next week. Dylan said that it did not require any pain relief medication, but then again Dylan is known for his extraordinary high tolerance to pain. I left feeling worried about possible disease progression, but by the afternoon, Dylan had no pain and walked to the library with me. Last night we took him to the “Stella Rainbow Foundation” fund raiser at the Nokia theatre, along with other families from RMDH. We saw the concert with Sean Kingston and Ashanti. Dylan danced and danced for most of the event to much of my amazement. This morning he says there is no pain at all, so fingers crossed that it was growing pains and not disease progression, I guess we just have to wait and see what the results show next week.