Friday, October 29, 2004

Let's go to the drive in

Dylan’s temperature is still good today. He is attempting to pick at a few foods but nothing substantial yet. I bumped his feeds up to 30ml at 1am last night and he tolerated it well so up to 35ml tonight. We removed the clear dressing off his back injury today and just left the strip things on. I want it to get some air and heal before the neutropenia sets in. I am planning his surprise birthday party at the moment. He requested that it be a surprise party, so I think that’s appropriate considering the date of the party may become a surprise itself, if he ends up in hospital on the day that I have planned it. By this Monday he will be neutropenic so all week we have to keep our fingers and toes crossed that he does not get a temperature and lands himself back in hospital. The party is planned for next Sunday 7th November, so if he gets in hospital this week, he will be stuck there for 5-7days. I think if that happens, I will see if I can get him released for the day and take him back that evening. He is so excited about it and if the expressions on his little face are anything to go by, he will be over the moon on the party day. Tonight we are taking him to the drive-in to see “Sharks tale”. The drive-in is the best because I don’t have to worry about him socializing with the public at all. He is well in himself at the moment, I can’t believe he has no ulceration from this last round of chemo, it’s great.