Monday, November 1, 2004

Day chemo

Hi everyone
The weekend went well, Dylan just complains that he is bored all the time and hungry all the time. The problem is that he asks for food, we buy it or make it, and he has one mouthful and then says “I’m full now”. Then an hour later, the same scenario, over and over, then we get “You’re starving me to death!” It’s costing us a fortune because he usually asks for takeaway, I wouldn’t mind except in goes straight to the dog after one bite. His night feeds are back to 50ml an hour now, so his weight should maintain now. I took Dylan and Cain to McCrae for the day on Sunday, but after an hour Dylan was “bored” so we went home again. He did say something really funny though, he said he wanted a KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) transfusion! I told him he can request that to the doctor, the next time he goes into hospital.

Today we went off to hospital for day chemo. He had a Vincristine push (syringe full) into his hickman line and also had his hickman dressing changed. The doctor said that he will more than likely be admitted in the next few days….Noooooo…The party! Well we just have to keep those fingers crossed. His blood counts are very low now, Haemoglobin 84, Platelets 23, White blood cells .1 and he has no neutrophils…Hello neutropenia. So with no immune system at all, any temperature will involve IV antibiotics and hospitalization but he seems well in himself, so hopefully he will pull through without that happening. His back injury looks fine, it still has those strip things on it. We went to McDonald house afterwards to visit Donna and Rose who have stayed there for the past 4 weeks as home is too far away during this stage of intense chemo. Next visit to day chemo is on the 8th for another Vincristine push and he will have a bone marrow aspirate again on the 9th. Thanks again to everyone that has signed the guest book so far. I’m working on more photos for the site's album and will let you all know when I update it.