Tuesday, November 2, 2004

To emergency we go - admitted into hospital

It rained all day today. Dylan did not get up until 11am so I knew that he was going to have a very flat day for him. When he got up he was very pale but his temperature was only 37.7. We had visitors over and watched the Melbourne cup. We then had a lovely BBQ but Dylan did not eat. He had not eaten all day, or drunk anything. He just laid on the couch or the lounge room floor watching Cain play the PS2. After dinner I rang 6 East and explain that he did not have a temperature but was very lethargic and that I was concerned that he needed blood. 6 East said to bring him in, so we packed the car at 7pm and off we went. His haemoglobin was 84 yesterday so I figured that they would be around 78 today and his platelets were 23 so my guess was that they were under ten by now.
When we got to emergency he was put into the isolation cubicle and bloods were taken from his hickman line. His weight was 16.45kg. 45 minutes later they came back for more blood as they said they had mixed up his blood with someone else’s and needed to take it again. When the results came back his haemoglobin was 68, the lowest ever for Dylan! And as I guessed, his platelets were under 10. No temperature though. The nurse in emergency also cleaned and put new strips on Dylan’s back as they old ones were just about off and causing a discomfort to him. They admitted him to 7 West as there were no beds in 6 East (Surprise, surprise!) I can’t complain though, the nurses in 7 West are wonderful and really friendly, they treated us like royalty and we got an isolation room. I asked for a feeding pump and one came within 5 minutes! I am not saying the nurses in 6 East are not friendly, they are great too but I think they are under a lot more pressure than the other wards and always seem so busy and frazzled. Tim stayed with Dylan and I got home at 2am. They have ordered the platelets transfusion and he will have a blood transfusion in the morning so that they can monitor him better. Hopefully this will not cause a temperature and he will get discharged tomorrow afternoon. I messaged Rose and Donna to let them know we were back in hospital and they said they were on their way too as Donna is not well either, but when I left at 1am they still had not arrived...I hope Donna is o.k.