Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dylan goes to day Camp

Dylan is doing so great, he started the second cycle of Accutane on Monday and it seems to put him in such a good mood and give him so much energy, the complete opposite of the anticipated side effects! So far this week so transfusions were needed, so Dylan is finally on the mend. Today Dylan went off to Sunrise day camp, as soon as the bus arrived to pick him up he happily jumped in with no hesitations. If he likes it he will be able to sign up for the summer camp, providing he is not in time consuming treatment by then. While Dylan is at camp I have some spare time to do a journal entry and update the fundraising page (yes finally I am doing it Leanne LOL). Easter is almost here, we will likely go to Long Island for the weekend and visit with the Maynard family. The weather has been crazy, last week we had a nice taste of Spring and this week its cold, yesterday was raining and this morning we even had snow flurries! Dylan’s best friend Joseph had surgery this week and when he woke he told his family to tell Dylan he is ok (how cute!) Dylan went to see him yesterday but was unable to see him at the time as the doctors were busy with him.

Please also keep Penelope and her family in your prayers, such a brave little girl who has been through so much in such in her young life, it breaks my heart. Also pray for Kahilla, who is in Australia, she has just relapsed and faces starting the chemo journey once again.

Australian Fundraising updates:

I am a bit behind on the fundraising events, but a huge thank you to those involved in the Bowling for Dylan event, it was a great success! Also the Aussie football day on April 1st was fantastic! Skye and Elsternwick Football Clubs played for the “Dylan Hartung Trophy”. Thank you to all, I know it is a huge effort to organize these events, please know that we are so grateful.

For Australian Dylan supporters, we now have joined the Ritchies Supermarket Community Benefit Card program. Help Dylan by joining the Ritchie’s Community Benefit Card program. You will receive savings as a customer and a percentage of the money you spend will be automatically allocated to the Dylan Fund. Many people have already signed up to show their support for Dylan and you can too by contacting Leanne at :

Click HERE for more details on the Fundraising page

The Dylan Hartung Fund is continuing fundraising with "The Entertainment Book" for the third year running. For 2007 order form and flyer please email Leanne at:
Entertainment books are for Australia