Sunday, March 18, 2007

St Baldrick Event

St Baldricks was fantastic! We all had so much fun. The organization of the event was great, well done Barbara!!! Dylan really did get a kick out of shaving Grants head, wonderful photos can be viewed HERE

Shaving Team Page

We had a wonderful day with Grant and Cheryl today, thank you so much guys. They invited us for a nice drive out out of the city and to the Hamptons. Dylan really enjoyed having their pug dog sitting on his lap on the journey!

Tomorrow we will go to clinic as Dylan has a few bruises indicating the need for a platelet transfusion, then Wednesday the daily GM-CSF injections will start in preparation for the 3F8 therapy on Monday 26th.

The weather in New York has been insane this week. Last Wednesday was beautiful, the sun was shining and people were out without coats, it was really warm, a real taste of Spring. Then on Thursday the rain came and by Friday it was snowing all day!!! But now the sun is out again, this is almost as crazy as Melbourne weather in Australia LOL.

Oh no I just checked Dylan's website...sorry about the music, I just realized it has been randomly changing and the song I chose was not staying on there. Anyway I am working on it so bare with me. Hope it didn't play too many inappropriate songs!