Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tim and Cain left yesterday

My first night back on hospital duty without Tim was hard. At about 9:30pm a family lost their child, it was so heart breaking. I did not know the family or the child, but hearing them grieve in the hallways of the pediatric floor was devastating. It was a sharp reminder of the different world I live in from the regular outside world. Dylan is doing well, he really fought back the tears when he said goodbye to Tim and Cain at 3pm yesterday. I went in the hallway of the hospital to say my goodbyes so that Dylan didn’t see me cry, when I went back into his room, he was just sitting there sucking it all in and not letting the tears flow. I tried to play with him but he just wanted to watch the cartoons. When his teacher came in at 4pm, she said how sorry she was that Tim and Cain had left today, and then Dylan just crumbled. Poor Anne Marie felt terrible, but it was a good thing that he let it out and stopped trying to be brave. He cried for about half an hour, then settled into his lesson. By 5pm he passed out, and slept until 8am this morning! To my delight, Dylan woke with beaming smiles and we chatted and laughed for ages. The sun shined through the window making it a really nice start to the day. Dylan had all his medication, dressing changed on his temporary line and a new insuflon inserted into his leg, all by lunchtime. We continue the white cell wait, and have GCSF injections each day to try and stimulate their arrival. The doctor on duty today said she would schedule Dylan in surgery for a new medi-port in the coming weeks. Winter has finally hit, it is brick cold in New York now and it has tried very hard to snow in Manhattan today, but we have only had flurries so far,. And then it quickly turned into rain. Greg and Lynn in Long Island said they have heavy snow and their yard is a lovely blanket of white magic, I also heard it was snowing in Brooklyn and the Bronx, but it hasn’t quite made it to Manhattan yet. From the reports it should snow tonight and so far I have heard people saying we are in for a snow storm on Monday. I knew the minute Tim and Cain left the snow would come LOL. They are arriving in the Australia summer very soon and into 31 degrees, which is 88 in Fahrenheit!