Sunday, January 21, 2007

On the way up

Still in hospital, but Dylan is on the mend. His white blood cell count is 0.8 today and neutrophils are 0.3 YIPEE! Not sure if that means we will be discharged tomorrow or not. I know the doctors on duty over the weekend won’t want to make that call, so it will be up to the team tomorrow. Today we are doing a 12 hour urine collection to test the HVA and VMA levels. Dylan was hoping that he would not be neutropenic by today because he has a huge craving for Chinese food, but until he is no longer neutropenic he cannot have it. He has not lost any weight thanks to the I.V TPN, so that’s a good thing. He will need to prove to the doctors that he can eat, so they can cease the TPN to go back to RMDH, he will also need a variety of oral antibiotics I assume, as he is still on a huge cocktail of different I.V kinds. His spirits are up, I think because he knows we are so close to being discharged. Last night we played games and watched “Gone in 60 seconds” together. We no longer have a room mate so we were able to have the TV loud and sing to songs and just be silly. It’s almost 12pm and Dylan is still sleeping in, that early start the other day was a rare thing for Dylan, he is so not a morning person. Yesterday morning we slept in late because he woke with a blood nose at 4am and didn't stop, but a bag of platelets resolved the problem by 6am. Dylan’s hearing teacher, Missy, has been coming in often and he is finally building a good friendship with her which is great to see. The weather is very icy cold here, but not much snow yet, we had a little yesterday morning but nothing overnight as far as I can tell. Tim and Cain made it safely home and are trying to get back into the Aussie life and out of the New York state of mind. I am glad to see many people that were having issues with the guest book in the past are now able to sign, be patient as I review each message and approve them for publishing. I have not had any problems of bad messages for a very long time, but I like to have the control to maintain Dylan’s website as a place of love and support, keeping the rare negative people out, that lurk in cyberspace.