Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dylan's 8th Birthday

Dylan had a wonderful birthday. He woke up and opened his birthday gifts that people had sent to him and then we went to the hospital. At clinic he had blood tests and also a Pentamidine infusion. At lunch time they sang him happy birthday and gave him an ice cream cake and gift. Back at RMDH, Dylan had school and a visit from our friends Karen and Ellie. Dylan’s special needs teacher also came to visit and wish him a happy birthday. By 6pm, I had set up a birthday table in the dining room where the children and parents of the house sang him happy birthday and ran around playing. The RMDH gave him lots of gifts and also a special birthday cake with some assistance from our friend Barbara. Dylan’s art teacher was in the playroom, so Dylan even managed to squeeze in a quick painting session too! Later Lynn, Skye and Thomas came over and they took us to the Irish pub for dinner. There Dylan had 2 surprises, one was a call from Chris and Justine who now live in China and the other surprise was making new friends! At the table next to us, 2 amazing ladies struck up a conversation with Dylan and he spent most of the night at their table. Towards the end of the evening they surprised us all by giving Dylan a birthday cake and buying me flowers! We exchanged numbers and hopefully will meet up with them again in the future. Next we headed to Long Island for the weekend. Saturday we had a BBQ lunch, with Greg, Lynn, Thomas, Skye, Angela and Andreas. Poor Greg had a car accident on his way to pick up fire lighters for the evening, luckily no one was hurt, just a very banged up car. The boys had a wonderful time playing in the leaves that have flooded the garden and they also painted plasters that Lynn had bought for the party. By evening we sat by the fire outside and the boys played video games and watched DVD’s inside. Sunday was a very wet and miserable day so we just stayed indoors until returning back to RMDH in the evening. I have put photos up in Dylan’s photo gallery for all to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts and cards, Dylan was delighted by each and every one of them. I have lots going on and more things I need to mention on Dylan’s blog, but I have run out of motivation to keep writing for today.