Thursday, November 9, 2006

Birthday tomorrow!

We went to Clinic on yesterday and I thought he was scheduled for the next dose of Avastin, but it is actually given on day 15, so he is not due for that until the 15th (next Wednesday). Dylan did need a platelet transfusion though and blood tests. We had a great night out last night at the “Mary Poppins” Broadway show. The RMDH took the families to dinner at the Marriott Hotel and then the show. If you visit Sydney's website, you will see a photo of Dylan and Sydney at the dinner! They had a lot of fun playing "hang man" on a napkin, Dylan kept using words he could see written on the advertising signs out the window! The view onto Times Square was amazing, even though it was pouring with rain.

Dylan will be 8 years old tomorrow!!! Every birthday is such a milestone now. Dylan has clinic in the morning and will need a routine Pentamidine infusion along with blood tests. Hopefully we will get back to RMDH just after lunch and after he sees his teacher in the afternoon, I have a little birthday get together planned for him at RMDH, so that we can sing him Happy Birthday and cut a cake. After that we plan to go to Long Island for the weekend, so that he can play with Thomas and have an Aussie BBQ on Saturday for a continued birthday celebration…Aussie style! As I will be away from the computer, photos of the birthday boy won't be up until next week, but in the meantime I have added a new "Little Baby Dylan" album to his photo gallery that some may enjoy looking through. I finally changed the song on Dylan's website too! Thank you for your birthday wishes in the guest book and also those who have sent cards and gifts, it is so appreciated and has made this birthday very special.