Sunday, September 17, 2006

Computer Meltdown

Dylan is doing very well even though he is still in hospital with no immune system. After having chemo it wipes out your blood counts and in particular your white blood cells and neutrophils, which is your immune system. Dylan is at the stage where he is known as being neutropenic and his ANC is 0.1. Chemo also lowers your red blood cells and platelets and Dylan has had a few blood and platelet transfusions since my last update. The GCSF injections have been doubled so hopefully his counts will start to rise soon and once they get to 0.5 or higher, he can be discharged, but for now it is a waiting game. He is very happy and has lots of energy, he even went for a walk around the hospital with his I.V pole in toe, and the doctors let him leave the pediatric floor to go down to the lobby and visit the gift store, where he chose a small car to take back up stairs with him. Dr Modak is happy with Dylan’s progress, the plan now is to do a full work up in 2 weeks, involving another series of scans. Once these results come back, then he can start the “hot 3F8” therapy. Dr Modak also said that he would like Dylan to start regular radiation therapy in between each h round of 3F8. This will include his abdomen and neck being radiated, this is where the primary tumor was situated and also the lymph node area. I think Dylan will be fine with radiation treatments except for the initial tattooing that needs to be done before you commence treatment. Knowing Dylan and the amazing care that MSKCC provides, I am sure he will get through it all better than I anticipate.

I had a computer meltdown on Thursday, I lost a lot of information and also all the back log of emails I was suppose to reply to in my outlook, so if I didn’t reply to you, I apologize and unfortunately cannot retrieve the emails that were sent to me, or everyone’s email addresses. Now that the computer is now up and running again, with a clean slate after wiping the hard drive, I will get a photo on here of Dylan ASAP.