Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stem Cell's to the Rescue!

Dylan had his stem cell rescue today!!! Dylan had a platelet transfusion last night and has developed a slight rash due to the Vancomycin antibiotics he is on, but the good news is his fever is gone. Dylan’s ANC was 0.4 today and at 12pm Doctor Modak came in to deliver his stem cell rescue. These are the first cells to return to Dylan since they were harvested in February last year. First off Dylan had some Benedryl and Tylenol, then the team brought in the stem cells on a cart, that were inn a metal box. Once Dr Modak was organized and ready to proceed, he asked the team to start the thawing process. After a few minutes they were ready and Dr Modak pushed a 60 ml syringe of what looked like blood into Dylan’s access line, the procedure itself took less than 10 minutes, or so it seemed. The worse part was the smell, it was like rotten fish! And for Dylan, he could taste it as it went in, even while sucking on a lolly pop. The smell is still lingering this evening, but all is well and Dylan is fine. I will try and take a photo of Dylan for everyone tomorrow, just so you can all see how well he is doing. Now we just have to wait for his counts to rise before he can be released from hospital and that could happen anywhere from now to 2 weeks away. Tomorrow they will start GCSF injections to try and help his counts to recover. Not much else to report, thanks for your continued support and love on Dylan’s guest book.