Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend away

Dylan is doing great. We had a wonderful weekend away to up state New York, a place call Catskills. We were invited by Mason’s mom to visit her parents, we caught a train for 2 hours and they picked us up from Middletown, then drove us almost an hour to their beautiful home in the woods. As soon as Dylan arrived he turned to me and said “I never want to leave this place” Mason’s grandparents are vegetarian so I was concerned as to how Dylan and I would eat as we are both not big on our veggies, but Lisa was an amazing cook and made everything taste incredible. Can you believe Dylan and I both ate tofu and enjoyed it! Anyone that really knows me, would be shocked that I even tasted it! Dylan and I both fell in love with their dog, he has the same personality as our dog back home, I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to have a dog around. The weather was not the best, rained the entire time, but that didn’t stop Dylan having fun and even taking a ride on the John Deere ride on mower. Today back at clinic, Dylan had his CBC (blood test) all fine, the MIBG scan results came back: Compared to diagnostic MIBG study of June 16, 2006: Stable MIBG avid disease. No new lesions. Dylan will start high dose chemo on 5th September for 5 days and the week after that he will have a stem cell rescue. This round is to prevent HAMA for the hot 3F8 antibodies that Dylan will have after this round of chemo. The great news is the hot 3F8 antibodies have now been officially released. One week to go and Tim will be here, we are so excited!