Sunday, September 3, 2006

One more sleep and daddy is here!

Here is the latest article in the Australian newspaper from 30th August Herald Sun Article

All is well, Dylan feels great and has been walking around a lot. He even made it to Central Park and back today without using the stroller. The week involved 2 days at art class and 2 visits to clinic for blood tests along with a Pentamidine infusion. We are both very excited about Tim's arrival tomorrow, we can't wait. Dylan has a bag full of art things he made just for daddy. We saw our friends Chris and Justine on Friday night, to say our very sad farewells over dinner. Chris has been assigned to work in Hong Kong for the next 2 years. Chris and Justine are Australian friends who have been extremely supportive during our time here and we all became very close friends, and having tears in our eyes as we said goodbye. Dylan and I will have fond memories of traveling to the west side of Manhattan to have lamb chops at their apartment and sharing great company from fellow Victorians.

I want to tell you all about a very special 7 year old boy named Beau. Beau lives in Norfolk Island in Australia, and after hearing about Dylan he wanted to do his part to help Dylan. So Beau took it upon himself to sell mandarins on his roadside stall for Dylan. Over 2 mornings, Beau raised $103. Thank you Beau, you’re a true inspiration to us all and as much of a hero as Dylan.

On a sad note, I am asking you all to keep 3 of our special friends in your prayers. Justin is 16 years old and was also waiting for “hot 3F8” treatment for his Neuroblastoma. Sadly Justin is now unable to start the study after some bad news on his condition. The 2nd friend is Harrison, who sadly has disease progression and will now join Dylan for high dose chemo on Tuesday morning. And also please keep Hazen in your prayers, he is in hospital again putting up a very brave fight.

Dylan continues to amaze me with his spirits, even when he knows about the condition of the children he knows. When I told him about Harrison, he said “I will tell Harrison not to worry cause we can be spew buddies for the chemo! And then we can be in hospital neutropenic together!” As gross as it sounded, Dylan made me laugh, hopefully it will make Harrison laugh too. Dylan enjoyed Robyn’s birthday party at the RMDH on Saturday night, Robyn has been here for a long time also.

I just heard some terrible news from back home, our beloved Aussie crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin is dead! Apparently he was killed by a sting ray! I always liked him, being a fellow animal lover, but since being here in the United States, I love to watch his daily series on Animal Planet to remind me of home. He leaves behind his wife and 2 children, I know he will be sadly missed. Dylan was very upset by the news, as he loved him too, I told Dylan we would go to his zoo in Queensland one day when we get back home. Steve was very much into conservation and I always admired that he bought lots of land preservations and rain forests with the money he made from his fame.

Also visit Aarons website. Aaron is an Australian guy visiting New York from Canada (if that makes sense LOL) he wrote about his meeting with Dylan on his blog.

New pics in Dylan's photo gallery

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