Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend update

Not much going on over the weekend, Dylan played games with his friend on Friday and he is feeling great. Next week we have scans and in between Dylan will do more art classes. I am not nervous about these scans for some reason, I guess I am just content with stable and if there has been a change for the better, then it will make for a very pleasant surprise. From what I have been told, it can take months after the MIBG therapy before results are seen. Either way chemo is next on the agenda (start date unknown but likely the following week) then 3F8 will be after that. We are so blessed that Dylan is so well and stable, well enough to move forward with new treatments and to have the opportunity to beat this monster.

Those who still visit Dylan's origanal Caringbridge site will have noticed that I am closing it down. Caringbridge is fantastic, but I prefer to have more control over Dylan's website and I am maintaining too many at once.