Friday, August 4, 2006

Karaoke Night

Dylan is doing amazing! Today is the last day of the arsenic therapy and Dylan has done great. All week his potassium levels have been good and no infusions were necessary, his blood counts and immune system is also surprisingly good. Dylan has needed magnesium infusions all week though. Dylan feels so well and is so full of energy. Last night Dylan went to karaoke as he usually does at least once a month on a Thursday night. He had so much fun, he sang “She will be loved” “This love” “Land down Under” and also joined in on our friends song and even danced on stage. Dylan wore his “Future Rock Star” T-shirt that our friend Skye bought for him, she couldn’t resist when she saw it in the store…it was made for Dylan! Dylan even had some of his nurses come to see him perform from MSKCC. I have added new photos to Dylan’ gallery of the night. Dylan and I will be at Alyssa’s 19th birthday tomorrow at the RMDH, Dylan will be performing his song “she will be loved” for her. Dylan loves Alyssa, he said that he never wanted a sister, but he loves Alyssa like she is his sister and that she is part of our New York family. Over the next 2 weeks Dylan will have no treatment but we will visit hospital 3 days a week for check up’s and blood tests and for anything else unexpected in between.

Click HERE to view recently added photos to Dylan’s gallery