Monday, July 31, 2006

Camp Kiwi

We had a great time at Camp Kiwi. The sun was shining and the water was perfect! Camp Kiwi is owned by a family whose son is a Neuroblastoma survivor treated at MSKCC. They provided so much fun for the day and the food was amazing! Dylan played in the pool most of the day with Aleisha (who has a brother with NB) they also had fun on the paddle boats. Skye joined us for the outing as there was plenty of space on the bus. I think a lot of families from RMDH chose not to go in fear of a long trip and the heat. Turns out it only took us a little over an hour to get there and being surrounded by trees, ample shade and plenty of food and drink, we were fine, not one hint of sun burn on either of us and having too much fun enjoying the outdoors away from the concrete city to worry about the heat. Dylan along with the other children from RMDH were given a courage medal, they also had raffles throughout the day and a radio station on site, with lots of music and dancing activities.

Back to hospital this morning, but in for a surprise, Dylan only needs a magnesium infusion…his potassium is good! Must be all those bananas! The even bigger surprise, I was expecting him to need a blood transfusion and also expecting him to be neutropenic by now but his hemoglobin went from 8.7 on Friday to 9.1 today, platelets 74 and his ANC went from 0.9 Friday to 2.2 today! I was expecting a week of fearing a fever, but we have been spared, for now anyway. Dylan is running around having fun and playing in the playroom. Today is very hot, but tomorrow and Wednesday are suppose to be scorches, with high humidity making it feel like 114 degrees! I think staying indoors will be the best idea, just dashing back and fourth to hospital.