Friday, July 28, 2006


Thank God it’s Friday! Yes all week including today Dylan has needed both potassium and magnesium infusions, despite doubling the oral dosage. His platelets are now at 67 and red blood cells at 8.7 but he is not neutropenic. Each day has been very long in clinic, we are both not morning people, but we have been in clinic at 8am each day. Tomorrow is going to be very warm, and the RMDH is taking us to a place called Camp Kiwi for the day. It’s somewhere in up state New York and we will spend 5 hours there swimming and being surrounded by trees, it should be fantastic! Saw Doctor Modak a little while ago and he said the “hot 3F8” is still on target to be released in a week or two. He said Dylan is still right on schedule and that he will have a scan in 3 weeks, then have chemo about the last week of August. Not much else to report in today’s update, Dylan is very well and happy, full of energy and being his usual cheeky self!