Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Audrey & John visit

I just had a look at the American Idle karaoke website and who did I see? American Idle

I tried to upload the video footage I have of Dylan singing “She will be loved” at the Ronald McDonald House karaoke night but it failed and I gave up, but I have a friend who is working on getting it on the site for me. Dylan is now only on Cetuximab for his clinical trial, because the doctor told us on Monday that they had been in contact with the company conducting the trial, and they said because Dylan had been off the Irinotecan, he was not allowed to start up with the Irinotecan again as part of the protocol. So basically that means Dylan will only be receiving Cetuximab every Monday (the antibody) without Irinotecan (the chemo). The doctor explained that this is not necessarily a bad thing because they have had adult patients who also had to stop the chemo element of therapy and they had very surprising results with just having the Cetuximab. Dylan has 3 more Monday’s of Cetuximab and then he will be due for a scan. We are hoping that by then, the hot 3F8’s study will be open and Dylan can start on that trial. One more week and the boys leave to head home for
Australia, what a blessing it has been to have them here with us. Our friends, Audrey and John are vacationing from Australia to America, and we enjoyed a lovely visit from them yesterday. They brought the boys some Melbourne Commonwealth games souvenirs which starts next week. Below is a photo of the boys at Long Island
this past weekend. Snow still covers the Maynard’s backyard, even though the sun has been shining almost everyday. This weekend is supposed to be warming up even more, spring is around the corner (20th March) we can even see the buds forming on the trees and bulbs coming up from the ground.