Sunday, February 12, 2006

2006 Blizzard

Winter has finally hit New York with lots and lots of snow, a blizzard in fact! I know most of our American friends are not thrilled about all the snow, but we love it! We headed to Long Island for this weekend as Lynn and Greg bought us tickets to see the Monster Jam (Monster trucks) for Saturday night. By the time we headed out to see the show, it started snowing lightly and by the time we left, everything outside was covered in a white blanket of snow, lucky it was an indoor show and very well heated. The boys loved the monster trucks, Dylan’s face was priceless as they roared into the arena. This morning we woke up to the sounds of snow blowers being used in peoples driveways and as we looked out the window and we saw the neighbors cars totally buried in snow, we had almost 2 feet of snow overnight and it was still snowing! The back door measured 18 inches and there was no way of opening the door, it was totally snowed in. The snow plow had not been down the street, I think they were too busy keeping up with the main roads. The airports are closed and there are no trains going in or out of Penn Station. We are officially snowed in until tomorrow morning. After putting on five layers of clothes, the boys had lots of fun using the toboggan down the drive way. Cain was going to build a snowman but the snow was too fluffy and soft, and it was also too cold to stay out for long. Throughout the day Greg and Tim shoveled and used the snow blower to keep up with clearing the driveway and side walk. We even saw people skiing and snow boarding down the road! Looking out into the back yard, we saw the swings swaying in the wind, with big ice blocks of snow on them! This snow thing is still so exciting and new to us. I took some photos but left the link cable for the computer back at the Ronald, so I will have to put up photos for you on the next update. Tomorrow Dylan will have a check on his platelets to see whether they are high enough to start the 3rd round of the Cetuximab trial.