Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Delayed again

Dylan is still exceptionally well. His hair is fighting with itself, it doesn’t know whether to fall out or grow, so it appears to be doing both at the same time! The Cetuximab antibody actually induces hair growth but the Irinotecan chemotherapy that compliments his treatment, causes hair loss. Dylan is a bundle of energy, it’s so amazing to see him so full of life, he even walked all the way back from clinic today. Yesterday he had his blood test to see if he could start on the 3rd round of the trial, but his platelets are still at 65 and they need to be at least 75, so the trial has been delayed another week, until next Monday. In the meantime, Dylan will visit clinic a few days this week to check on his electrolytes, in particular his potassium levels.

Dylan came up from the dining room Super Bowl party (American Football final) Sunday night with his face painted, he told me he was “Rusty” our cat back home in Australia!