Tuesday, February 14, 2006

3rd round starts minus Irinotecan

Happy Valentines day to you all. Dylan has given me strict instruction to put “his” song on the website. Dylan loves to sing karaoke, and his favorite song to sing is “She will be loved” by Maroon 5. He actually sings it very well and knows every word by heart. I wish I knew how to put a recorded version by him on the site, but I am not that skilled yet. Today at clinic, his platelets were not quite high enough, they were 67 and they need to be at least 75. The doctors decided to give him a dose of the antibody Cetuximab regardless, but not the Irinotecan chemotherapy. On a really good note, Dylan’s weight is now 18kg and his height is 117.7cm.

Friends of ours have brought our attention to the Penn State 48 hour dance Marathon THON for children with pediatric cancer. We want to thank them for supporting childhood cancer and wish them lots of luck and plenty of fun for the event. A very special thank you to Meghan!