Friday, November 18, 2005

Chicken little

Well, the end of the week and Dylan is doing well. He started to get tired yesterday and slept as soon as we returned from hospital so we didn’t make it to the movies as planned. Today he went to sleep again as soon as we got back from hospital and I had to wake him for his teacher at 3:30. By the time he finished school at 5pm, he went straight back to sleep, but I woke him at 6:30pm to go the movies. Barbara came and treated us to see Chicken Little. Dylan really enjoyed it but he missed the ending as he spent the final 10 minutes in the bathroom. We returned at about 9pm and again he went straight to sleep. I am a little concerned but I am brushing it off telling myself that he has just had 2 straight weeks of chemo and it has to have exhausted him. Alyssa’s mom said it made her extremely tired too. We have home fluids for the weekend so at least I know he won’t get dehydrated. The bathroom issue was much better today, until the movies.
I was so proud of myself and Dylan this morning, we woke up at 8am and I successfully removed his access line for the first time. I asked Dylan how I did and he replied “not bad for your first go mum!” We then put the numbing cream on and went back to sleep for an hour. We got into clinic about 10am and by that time the cream had 2 hours to work. Dylan was incredibly brave when the nurse put in the new line, he didn’t cry and stayed really still. I think he surprised himself because he said “I didn’t even feel it!” We have nothing planned for this weekend, just lots of rest and I think Dylan is hoping to bake another cake with Skye. If you get time, please visit my two very special and close Aussie friends Kaitlyn and Sammy Joe.