Sunday, November 20, 2005

Special visitors from the U.K

The tooth fairy is going broke! Yes Dylan lost another bottom tooth on Saturday morning. We didn’t do much but rest on Saturday but Dylan was able to speak with many friends and family back home in Australia that he hadn’t spoken to since we left. It was Cain’s birthday party and Tim rang up so that the phone could be passed around the party, it was great and Dylan was very happy chatting away. Tim sent us some great photos of Cain at his party and with his birthday cake. Today Dylan baked a cake with Skye, although it got a little burnt, but he still ate it. Then we had a visit from 2 special girls, Nicky and Vicky from the U.K The girls work with the Robyn Brooks Appeal and they had been in contact with us via the internet and followed Dylan’s story. Robyn had a very similar story to tell, well almost identical. The band “Atomic Kitten” support the Robyn Brooks Appeal and as a result, they gave Dylan 3 signed large printed photos! They also gave me a “Faith” necklace and wristbands from the Appeal. We had a great time meeting with them and hopefully we can meet up again before they return home to the U.K. At about 4pm we joined Aylssa and her family for an early thanks giving dinner, Puerto Rico style! Dylan and I had such a great time, eating beautiful food and playing games. The thanks giving turkey looked so perfect I just had to take a photo of it! Tomorrow Dylan will go to clinic at 8:30am for the I.V antibody, Tuesday is MIBG injection and Wednesday at 8am is the scan, fingers crossed!