Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Doing well

Dylan is doing really well. The only issue continuing is the diarrhea, but apart from that he is doing great! I noticed that he no longer wakes up with leg pain and stiffness in the mornings and he is eating much better. I am really getting confident with this current trial because the other child who has a brain tumor had her 2nd scan yesterday and the results showed a great reduction in her tumor. Before she started the trial, I have been told that her tumor was out control and was not responding to anything. This is such great news for her family and I am so happy for them. Dylan continues to have fluid through the night back at the Ronald so that the diarrhea does not dehydrate him or effect his potassium levels. Dylan will complete the 2nd cycle of this trial on Monday and on Wednesday at 8am he will have a MIBG scan to assess it’s effectiveness. I know in my heart that his disease has not increased, I just know things are getting better. Hopefully with lots of prayers and everyone’s fingers crossed, it will show a huge improvement.

Thanks giving is just around the corner, Dylan and I will celebrate our very first Thanks giving and after this day is when the city comes alive with the Christmas spirit. Rose and Donna will arrive next Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday (Thanks giving day) we will spend the morning watching the famous Macey’s Thanks giving parade on 5th Avenue and then have lunch with our Aussie friends Chris and Justine. I thought that this time would really go slowly with the anticipation of Tim and Cain’s arrival but ironically it is going really fast. Dylan’s treatment schedule at the moment is very time consuming and we are in hospital everyday for almost the whole day. Tomorrow night I am hoping to take Dylan to the cinema to see “Chicken Little” as he has been asking to see it for a while now. Cain had his birthday on Tuesday 15th and I rang him at 8am before he went to school and again when he was home opening his gifts. I was worried that he would get upset speaking to me because when I spoke to him a week ago he was crying and saying how he was not looking forward to having a birthday without me and Dylan there, but to my surprise he was very happy on the day and pleased with his presents. I think Tim is having a party for him at the house over the weekend with his school friends and family. Well, I am really tired and I have to drag myself away from this computer to try and get to bed before midnight. Thanks to everyone, once again for all your support and kindness, you give us so much strength and courage.

On November 29th at 8pm Eastern Time, Benefit Poker will be holding an online poker tournament to raise funds for Dylan. The best thing about this fundraising event is that everyone from anywhere in the world can participate in helping Dylan to continue his treatment in New York! 90 percent of the profits raised by benefit poker during this game will go directly to Dylan's medical fund via Operation Oz Kids. See the advertisements for the event at Operation Oz Kids This will give you complete details on how to enter the game, and what it will cost.