Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tim and Cain prepare to leave


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Dylan’s interview was not shown as expected tonight as “The Insider” wanted to get some footage of Dylan at the hospital this morning and they must have run out of time putting it all together, it will however be shown tomorrow night at 7pm on CBS, Wednesday 31st August. I will frantically call them in the morning because I have discovered that due to my “Aussie” accent, they have written Dylan’s website incorrectly on their website and it will also be incorrect on the show, unless I get them to correct the error before it goes to air. My “e” sounds like an “a” to Americans, I must keep working at my New York accent! They have put part of the interview on the website and it can be viewed at:

The Insider Interview

I had a wonderful birthday and received some very unexpected presents, which was lovely. I had 2 phone calls from friends back home in Australia that I had not spoken to in almost 8 months, it was so nice to hear their voices. Tim and Cain leave the Ronald McDonald house at 4:30pm tomorrow, and they will be on the plane by 7:20pm. Dylan and I are fine so far, but Cain is a bit teary already. Dylan is doing well with his chemo, he felt a bit of nausea during the infusion but did not throw up. His appetite has decreased, so his weight is a bit of a concern. The sprained ankle is almost better and the support bandage should be able to come off tomorrow.